Series: Looking back #4 14.11.2018 This is an ode to my beloved pair of Crocs. The one no one likes. The one everyone has asked me incessantly to get rid of. The one that has helped through some tough tough times. The day before yesterday, I walked down the second hand shop. Here, I found... Continue Reading →



Series: Looking back #3 18.08.2018 You know, you're the strongest person I know To be able to put up with what I am To be able to look me in the eye When the mirror evades me To be able to look through all the demons in me To be able to accept me despite... Continue Reading →

Ode to my Amma

Series: Looking back #2 05.08.2018 sometimes i wish where i lived was this perfect amalgamation of the Himalayas and the South. even though i am a third culture kid who grew up mostly in Calcutta (yes Calcutta, not Kolkata) and have lived all over the country but the South, anyone who knows me well enough,... Continue Reading →


Series: Looking back. #1 29.11.2018 I used to be someone who believed in loving people and letting them be, no matter what they did to me. but honestly, that didn't land me in a good place. i constantly gave out positive energy and everyone the benefit of doubt, and most people just trod on me.... Continue Reading →

Humming To My Childhood

14.07.2017 This morning, I boarded a train from Ghaziabad, and ever since, the Ramcharitmanas and a couple of Dohas have been playing on the speaker, something that I grew up listening to and can sing along with. Humming to the familiar tune, I feel this deep sense of sadness inside. All these years, Amma has... Continue Reading →


Not all photographs Are about shutter speeds and apertures Composition and light Some are purely about the story they tell you When you're caught lost In the thought of someone you love Someone distant Yet in that moment they're close to you You know they're close to you You can see them in the flame... Continue Reading →

Reaching Out To Equanimity

This is an old one from two years ago, reposted from my previous blog. I couldn't help but look back at this as the day comes closer for me to make it to this magical place again. EQUANIMITY I am currently sitting inside the temple complex and listening to a monk speak in a language... Continue Reading →


Handwritten spontaneity. It took me hours of brainstorming to come up with the idea of having a handwritten blog. It has certainly been done before, but the idea itself was so stimulating, I put everything else behind me and set out to start it up. This - was two weeks ago. I am currently a... Continue Reading →

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